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Rapid Robot Ramp Up

Doubling Output is a Whole Lot of F-U-N!

The Current Situation

When I was contacted, the company was not happy with the outcome of a capital project launched for a robotic work cell. The robot was intended as a productivity solution for a troubled station.

The manual station struggled to meet current demand and the objective of the robot cell was to meet the current demand plus 66% more volume within 1 year.

When I was brought in, the robot was only meeting half of the current demand, even with the addition of 50% more workers & lots of overtime. Performance (and costs) were going the wrong direction.

My objective was to more than double the daily output of the robotic cell to meet the projected growth.

By applying a systematic approach, this was an achievable goal.

We formed a small cross-functional team with an “Extreme Ownership” mentality, and quickly doubled the output of the station within 1 month. We improved the process... AND the inputs. (The inputs had many issues and were why the previous manual station was struggling as well prior to the capital project.)

Key Ramp Up Actions:

  1. Observe the Process for 3 Days (Gain Insight & Process Data)

  2. Track Daily Output Performance with a Check Sheet to provide accountability

  3. Track Defects from the Upstream Process on the same Check Sheet

  4. Ensure Daily Delivery of Parts from the Upstream Process

  5. Implement Go-No-Go Gages at upstream process ( part specs 4X tighter than process capabilities)

  6. Maintain Upstream Equipment, Implement Sampling Plan, & Calibration Plan

  7. Utilize 4-Blockers to track progress versus the target & defects with a Weekly Meeting to Review Progress

  8. Implement 6S to ensure a full kit of tools, info, & materials

  9. Setup Layered Process Audits for Accountability & to Sustain Gains

  10. Added Quick Changeover Tooling to increase the robot compatible product mix from 80% to 95%

  11. Re-calibrate the robot for faster & more effective programming

  12. Re-program the robot to handle 50% more of the manual process steps

Within 3 months, output was 2.5X higher than the baseline performance with virtually no unplanned overtime and extra workers returned to original duties.

If you would really like to increase your profitability and/or efficacy, we can help. We have a very solid systematic scientific approach with repeatable results. Reach out to us and we will develop a strategic improvement plan focused for impact for your organization.

The future is here. Make 2020 your best year!


At Elevate Coaching & Consulting, we use a systematic approach to gain insight & understanding into organizations in order to make rapid improvements where it will have the most impact.

You can think of us as strategic problem solvers. We utilize a combination of Lean Six Sigma & Theory of Constraints to improve organizations quickly.

Think of TLS (Combined LSS & TOC) like combining a Grand Slam with a Slam Dunk to get a GRAND SLAM DUNK!

We really enjoy developing and executing strategic rapid improvement plans for organizations. It is great to see bottom line results come to fruition! 

Schedule an initial consultation to find out how TLS can drive Rapid Improvement in your organization!

For More Info Contact:

O 888.489.5121

F      704.479.7206

North Carolina, United States


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