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About the Course

Professional Development Training

  • 5 Hours of eLearning Training (Available for 1 Month from Start Date)

Topics Covered:

  • Lean Basics Review: 5 Core Principles; 3 Types of Activity: VA, BVA, NVA; Types of Waste; Lean Tools

  • Creating Organizational Alignment & Launching the Improvement Initiative

  • Tips & Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Types of Projects: PDCA, Kaizen Events, Agile Projects, DMAIC & Traditional Projects;

  • Project Selection, SWOT & PEST, Threat & Opportunity Risk Analysis

  • Constraints & Target Prioritization

  • Process Mapping & Value Stream Maps (VSM)

  • High-level Process Maps, Flow Charts, SIPOC

  • Current & Future State Value Stream Maps and Product Mix Analysis

  • Constructing & Analyzing Value Stream Maps

  • Data Collection for the VSM

  • Prioritizing Obstacles & Solutions

  • Creating the Improvement Work Plan with Planning Tools

  • Sample Improvement Visualization --> Seeing is believing!!

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn/Review the Basics of Lean and Types of Improvement Projects

  • Learn about Creating Organizational Alignment and Planning Improvement Initiatives

  • Gain Insight into Risk and Constraint Analysis for Wise Improvement Prioritization Sequencing

  • Learn How to Create & Analyze Value Stream Maps and Develop Strategic Rapid Improvement Plans

Who Should Attend:

Attendees will understand the basics of visualizing performance and obstacles using value stream maps, and planning & deploying improvement projects. This training is ideal for Continuous Improvement/Process Improvement Teams & Staff, Top Leadership of a Facility or Organization, Managers, Supervisors & others who will be leading by example, evaluating & prioritizing improvement in the organization. Recommend starting with Improvement Personnel & Top Levels of Leadership.

Value Stream Mapping




5 Hours - 1 Month

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Your Instructor

Michael Asbury

Michael Asbury

Michael is a dynamic Master Trainer delivering courses for more than 30 colleges & 50 other organizations. His training & education includes: Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, TOC Jonah (Theory of Constraints), Critical Chain Project Management, B.S.--Computational Physics & Mathematics, and Actuarial Science.

Over the past 20 years, Michael has had the opportunity to drive cultural transformation & significant results in a variety of roles & a wide range of projects for a total of over $40M/yr impact on profit.

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