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About the Course

Essential Training

  • 5 Hours of Training (Available for 30 Days from Start Date)

  • Online-On Demand Training Content -- Asynchronous

  • Available 24/7 (Internet Connection Required)

  • Includes Videos, Quizzes, & Final Exam

  • PDF’s of Presentation Handouts Included

  • 80% Required on All Quizzes prior to Unlocking Final Exam

  • 2 Hour Final Exam; 80% Required to Pass

Topics Covered:

  • Critical Thinking Basics: Benefits, Definitions, Role in Decision Making & Problem Solving

  • Components & Competencies of Critical Thinking

  • Understanding & Breaking Down Arguments (Deciding What to Believe)

  • Obstacles to Critical Thinking: Biases, Fallacies & Resistance

  • Approaches to Critical Thinking & Intelligent Decision Making

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn Why Critical Thinking is Important

  • Learn how to use Facts & Logic to Make Solid Decisions

  • Become Aware of Fallacies and Biases that Hinder Good Decisions

  • How to Seek Out & Analyze Information and Logically Evaluate & Choose Between Alternatives

  • Learn to Think Strategically and Make Effective Decisions

Who Should Attend:

Critical thinking is a core skill needed for every single level in an organization from top to bottom. It should start with executive leadership and engineering, process improvement, quality; then middle management and front line leaders, then finally staff and other employees. Without critical thinking, logical decisions are less abundant and progress is much slower.

Introduction to Critical Thinking




5 hours - 1 Month

Your Instructor

Michael Asbury

Michael Asbury

Michael is a dynamic Master Trainer delivering courses for more than 30 colleges & 50 other organizations. His training & education includes: Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, TOC Jonah (Theory of Constraints), Critical Chain Project Management, B.S.--Computational Physics & Mathematics, and Actuarial Science.

Over the past 20 years, Michael has had the opportunity to drive cultural transformation & significant results in a variety of roles & a wide range of projects for a total of over $40M/yr impact on profit.

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