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Core Continuous Improvement Skills Package - Level I

Save 25% off of the price of the individual courses with this training package that includes 5 core improvement skills courses offered in the evenings as a hybrid class with 1 hour live and the rest of the course as a self-study eLearning course on our LMS portal.

This is a powerful course package that can help you reduce the obstacles that block you, slow you down, and waste your time and effort. You'll be able to drive meaningful changes that lower your stress & frustration while improving performance. If you apply what you learn, it will be good for you, your teams, your organization, and good for advancing your career.

Level I - Core Continuous Improvement Skills includes:

  • Introduction to Lean

  • Introduction to Critical Thinking

  • Data Driven Continuous Improvement

  • Fundamentals of Problem Solving

  • Basics of Project Management

Introduction to Lean

  • 1hr Live (Sep 7 -- 7-8pm EST) + 4 Hours of eLearning OR 100% eLearning

  • Explore the fundamentals of Lean. Great for people in departments or processes about to improve their processes. Learn to remove wastes and improve process flow and effectiveness.

Introduction to Critical Thinking

  • 1hr Live (Sep 12 -- 7-8pm EST) + 5 Hours of eLearning OR 100% eLearning

  • Learn how to use facts & logic to make effective decisions. Avoid fallacies and biases that hinder good decisions, and avoid negative outcomes.

Data Driven Continuous Improvement

  • 1hr Live (Sep 19 -- 7-8pm EST) + 5 Hours of eLearning OR 100% eLearning

  • Learn to Align & Engage Teams with Data Driven Feedback Loops for Better Results and a More Collaborative & Empowered Work Environment

Fundamentals of Problem Solving

  • 1hr Live (Oct 3 -- 7-8pm EST) + 8 Hours of eLearning OR 100% eLearning

  • Learn how to stop having to deal with the same symptoms day in and day out by using Facts, Data, & Root Cause Analysis & PDCA to Solve Problems.

Basics of Project Management

  • 1hr Live (Oct 10 -- 7-8pm EST) + 5 Hours of eLearning OR 100% eLearning

  • Learn to plan, communicate, coordinate, execute & track progress... And turn goals into results!

View the individual course pages for more details on each.

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If preferred, the courses can be taken completely as self-study after the dates of the initial live sessions with a recording of the live session provided.

Core Continuous Improvement Skills Package - Level I




3 Months

Your Instructor

Adam Druffel

Adam Druffel

Adam is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and has been an operations leader in multiple industries, as well as driven many improvement projects to completion to reach record results at the organizations he has worked with throughout his career.

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